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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Allow me to introduce myself! I'm Savanna Ames, and this is my creative blog where I talk about anything and everything under the sun, always keeping things Sunny Side Sav. 

Here are some fun facts about me: I'm 21 years old and am loving this season of life. I'm dating a wonderful man named Park and we love riding bikes and playing baseball together. I am in love with Jesus and He is the reason I view the world from the sunny side! 

I'm also a full time SEO writer, but writing has never felt like a job to me, hence the blogging. I love drinking coffee, trying new foods, spending time with family and friends, trying new hobbies, and learning new things. If you like any of these things, I think we'll get along just fine. 

As I use this blog as a platform for creativity and fun, I'd love to get to know you too. Tell me about your interests! What do you want to read more of? Make sure to enter your email below and let me know!