Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hi, friends! Okay, let's be honest, it's probably only my mom reading this right now, but hey to everyone that may happen to be here too! This is the Sunny Side, and it's a pretty fun place to be.

My name is Savanna, and I'm so glad to get to share my favorite things, tips about life, and all the new things I stumble across and learn. If you like reading about life hacks like how to take care of your favorite plants, how to save and manage your money, tips for productivity, and more, you've come to the right place!

A Few Fun Facts About Me

I'm a full time writer!

That's right. I write for a living and decided to write for fun too. Blogging is new for me, but I write SEO content for websites and love it! I'm a ghostwriter, but you can find some of my favorite work in my portfolio!

Before I started writing, I was waitressing tables at a local restaurant--If you're ever in Lynchburg, Virginia, go to Shaker's and get the catfish. Just trust me. One day, I got offered a job as a Dental Assistant and grabbed the opportunity. I was excited for a job that felt "real". You know, an 8-5, full-time, 401K job. Plus, the title sounded way more impressive than waitress, so what could go wrong? Apparently everything.

But I learned a valuable lesson along the way. Finding what you love isn't like finding your favorite flavor Pop-Tart. It takes trial and error. It takes failing at something and picking yourself up, only to fail at something else. It takes giving up one thing and moving on to the next. And all of this can take years, even half a lifetime to figure out. So, if you don't know what you want to do yet, neither do I! And that's okay.

I Love to Read and Learn New Things

Reading is how I destress after a long day, process my emotions, and give my mind a break. My favorite books are classics like Moby Dick, anything written by Kurt Vonnegut, East of Eden, Paradise Lost, and Beowulf. If you're ever on the lookout for a book that you won't be able to put down, read anything by Jodi Picoult. She is a wizard with a pen.

Part of the reason I love to read is because I love learning new things. This also happens to be a perk of my job, as I research all day and write down what I find so you can read it online! If you love learning new things about money, productivity, and life in general, stick with me!

I am a Truly Terrible Cook

Want to know the only foods I can make? Eggs, ramen, grilled chicken, and mashed potatoes. I won't elaborate on this point, but needless to say, send me your easiest recipes and I will try them.

What's The Sunny Side, Anyways?

The name Sunny Side actually comes from an idea I had when I worked at Chik-fil-A. I had this one regular customer when I worked there, an older man who ordered the same thing every day. After a few weeks of taking his order, we started to become friends and I learned that his wife recently passed away. The next day I greeted him with my usual smile and asked his order, even though I knew what he was going to say. When he left, he told me that I was the Sunny Side to his day.

I haven't worked at Chik-fil-A for years, but I've never forgotten what he said and how special it made me feel, and I've always wanted to do something with it but haven't known where to start. That is, until I made this blog.

I called this blog the Sunny Side because the truth is, life isn't always sunny. Sometimes it can be the exact opposite. And even if circumstances don't change and it doesn't get any better, I believe I can make a safe place where things are sunny, even if it's just for a few minutes of your day.

Don't be a Stranger

My main goal is to foster community. I want to get to know you! What are your interests and passions? What do you want to read more of? How can I cater to your needs as a learner and reader? Subscribe and let me know!

The Sunny Side is a place where it's always sunny. So, pull up a lawn chair and grab some SPF.